Exotic Earth Coffee Roasters is a micro-specialty coffee roaster located in Ridgway, Colorado.


We want to make sure that we provide our customers a delicious cup of coffee which is sustainable economically and environmentally. We take pride in supporting our farmers, as well as protecting our environment globally and locally. Our goals are focused on:

  • Buying organic, shade grown, co-op / fair trade green coffee beans from the best suppliers who carry products that directly benefit the artisans in the countries where they live and work.
  • Preserving the environment that produces these coffees.
  • Improving the livelihood of the people in the coffee producing chain.
  • Roasting in small batches to assure you will get the fullest flavors.
  • Giving back to our community.


Our coffee is available throughout Southwestern Colorado in fine hotels and restaurants, as well as retail establishments throughout the area. Please ask for it by name!


Exotic Earth Coffee Roasters provides roasted coffee beans from all over the world to wholesale and retail customers. Using organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee beans from co-op farmers around the world while helping to preserve the livelihood  of the grower and to give back to our community.  We roast  “just in time” to ensure the freshest high quality coffees with bold flavors.

We ship nationwide for  $5.99.